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Luxury camping is the best of both worlds and is an awesome, amazing experience.

It’s not exactly budget-friendly though. A few of the best luxury camping spots in the US can run you over $500 a night. Yikes! That would break most budgets!

Is it worth it? I think it’s probably one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. But there are some places that are under $200 a night.

So depending on your budget look around and find a luxury camping spot that works for you. Pampering at its finest in some of the most beautiful outdoor settings in America.


Governors Island feels like a world away, offering a wide array of history, recreation and acres of expansive park space to wander with some of New York City’s best views. A hub for art and culture, the island hosts a rich calendar of visual art, performances and educational exhibits, plus tours of the island’s historic National Monuments, giving visitors a glimpse into its important place in United States history. A car-free environment, the island is best explored by foot or on a bicycle.

Location: Vail, Yellowstone, Sonoma, the Hudson Valley, and the Texas Hill Country outside Austin.
There are 15 luxurious tents set up in each beautiful location. These are all inclusive with gourmet meals, glamping, and fun outdoor activities


Cresto Ranch, as we call it, was a former cattle ranch from the late 1800’s. The original farmhouse from the time sits in its original location about 20 feet from the West Fork of the Dolores River and on approximately 500 acres of amazing fields, meadows and forest. A large part of the land is still used for free range cattle grazing, but we have kept the area where the tents and the farmhouse are protected. We thought this property was perfectly suited for a summer only tented camp. We have a total of 8 tents, prospector / safari style, sitting on a 640 square foot wooden platform anchored to the bedrock. Each tent has all the amenities you would expect in a luxury hotel, however you are in an actual (albeit very large) tent.

Location: Cresto Ranch, San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado
When you want to step back into the old west, this 500-acre former cattle ranch fits the bill perfectly.
This luxury ranch offers luxurious glamping. Stay either in a river tent and listen to the water roll gently by or in a forest tent surrounded by white Aspen trees.


Immerse your family in nature by staying in one of our four Family Canvas Cabins on the banks of Rock Creek. The setting, close to Camp Roosevelt and the Rodeo Arena, inspires unique family vacations and memories. The cabins are distinctly furnished in a rustic camp style, featuring private baths, luxurious bedding and the murmur of the creek running just outside your front door.

The Family Canvas Cabins take their names from the residents of Montana waterways, the fish. They feature two rooms separated by a curtain. The Grayling and Lake cabins offer one room with a king bed and one room with two twin beds or a converted king. The Brook and Cutbow cabins feature a king bed in one room, as well as two twin beds/converted king and a trundle in the other. All four cabins feature two gas stoves, a screened porch, a reading nook and a private deck. Each accommodation has a private bathroom in the bathhouse, accessible via a short, lighted walkway, in addition to an attached bathroom. These cabins are ideal for families of four or five. Find out more about family vacations at The Ranch.