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I teach moms how to party like a pro. I’m thrilled to be back at Design Dazzle, sharing how to make balloon garlands. It’s not news that balloon garlands are super popular party decor right now. I’m always shocked how quick and easy they are to put together. Today, I’ll show you how to make a balloon garland.


Qualatex hand balloon pump
Latex balloons, 11-inch size
Latex balloons, 5-inch size
Ladybug balloon decorative strip
Optional: clear packing tape


If you’d rather not buy the plastic balloon strip, there are two other ways to create your balloon garland:

Thread baker’s twine through a needle and pull the needle through the tail of the knotted balloon. If you go that route, you’ll need to space out your balloons by eye.
You also can skip the needle and just tie the twine around the knots in your balloons, but again, you’ll need to manually manage the spacing.

So here are the instructions using the plastic balloon strip. It has holes in it that just make everything easier.

Choose the balloon pattern you want to create. Keep in mind that you’ll use more 5-inch balloons than 11-inch balloons.

Cut off the amount of balloon strip that you need. I used 8 feet to run the length of my dining room table.

Blow up your balloons and tie them off with tight knots.

Insert the knot of an 11-inch balloon through the first hole in the balloon strip.

Skip one hole.

Insert the knot of a 5-inch balloon through hole three, but insert it from the opposite direction.

Insert another 5-inch balloons from the opposite direction in hole four.

Insert another 5-inch balloon from the opposite direction in hole five.

Skip hole six.

Insert another 11-inch balloon from the opposite direction in hole seven.

Repeat the pattern.

I used this peppermint-inspired balloon garland as a table runner in my Visit to Santa After-Party. The garland is a little bodacious and I worried that it was too tall for cross-table conversation.I really don’t think kids would mind, but old habits die hard.

If you want the balloon arrangement to lie flatter on the table, here’s what to do:

Roll up a strip of clear packing tape. Place it on the table and top it with an 11-inch balloon. Point the balloon’s knot down and toward the center of the table. That will hide the knots.

Repeat this process with your other 11-inch balloons, placing each balloon within a few inches of the others. Alternate the direction of the balloons. Keep pointing the knots in and down toward the surface of the table.

Fill in the gaps with the 5-inch balloons, taping them on the table. Go up one side of the garland and down the other.

Fill in any gaps from the top of the garland by taping them to the other balloons.


Calculate how many balloons you’ll need

For my 8-foot long by 2-foot wide garland, I used 16 11-inch balloons and 50 3-inch balloons. Remember, your pattern is ONE 11-inch balloon, then THREE 5-inch balloons, followed by another 11-inch balloon. It takes five balloons in that pattern to cover 7 inches of plastic balloon strip.

Remember your pattern

Keep your un-inflated balloons in the order your want your pattern to appear in the garland. Once you add balloons to the garland, it may be a little hard to see the pattern because the balloons will be twisting. Taking a quick look at the un-inflated balloons will remind you of what order you need to add balloons to the garland.