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Make this overly adorable matchbox valentines in minutes! It’s an extraordinary instructional exercise on How to Make Matchbox Valentines.

It’s a straightforward yet sweet Valentine’s Day blessing or token for loved ones. It’s additionally an extraordinary educator or class blessing thought! Recall little parts aren’t useful for little children.

For more established beneficiaries place a magnet inside the heart to make a heart magnet to use after Valentines as a pretty update. It could be utilized on the facade of a refrigerator, magnet board, metal file organizer, and so forth.


Felt texture

Needle and string




Specialty stick

Shaded specialty papers

Confetti or any sort of specialty stylistic layout

The most effective method to MAKE MATCHBOX VALENTINES

Cut a little heart shape from red shaded specialty paper (or any hued create paper you need). Cut out a fundamental pencil shape from a white art paper.

Crease the square piece of the pencil shape cut out into half, keeping the triangular part flawless.

Presently overlay the triangular part towards the square part. This will shape a smaller than normal envelope design. Paste the heart slice out on the envelope to close. Remember that the size of the envelope ought to be littler than the matchbox.

Spread the external piece of the matchbox with shaded specialty paper. You can likewise cover the internal base surface of the inward piece of the matchbox, with create paper.

Paste the smaller than expected envelope (made in past strides) on any of the large level sides of the matchbox. Utilize a dark gel pen to compose a message or statement on the matchbox. Draw any plan you need. I did a swirly run lines from the statement towards the envelope.

Cut out 2 same measured heart shapes from felt texture. The size of the heart ought to be littler than the matchbox, as it should fit inside the matchbox.

Get ready needle and string. Spot both heart patterns together, making a point to coordinate the sides of both heart patterns.

Do basic running fasten around the sides to join both heart patterns. Save a little opening for stuffing the felt heart. Use scrap felt textures to stuff the felt heart. Supplement the piece felts through the little opening to stuff the heart.

Done stuffing the heart? Close the open end to make sure about the stuffing. Tie bunches and cut off additional string.

I utilized round confetti to adorn the little heart rich, Use create paste to append the confetti on the heart extravagant. Permit the paste to dry altogether.

Spot the heart inside the internal piece of the match box and spread it with the external part.

You can put a minor letter inside the matchbox with the heart extravagant.

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