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Make This Cute Monkey Balloon Animal.

Learn how to make a cute monkey balloon animal. Aside from the head, the design is similar to that of a dog balloon animal. This balloon is a crowd pleaser and looks best when mounted to another balloon, as shown in the picture.Compared to a dog, this balloon is particularly well suited for making at events. The addition of the second balloon creates a vertical balloon sculpture that is easy to hold and carry. We also appreciate the visibility of this balloon at events as people and kids carry it around.

This balloon animal is not difficult to make. In fact, it’s fairly straightforward. But note that I’m assuming that you already can execute the basic balloon fundamentals listed below. As a result, my instructions are rather streamlined.

Skills Needed

To make the monkey balloon animal, you’ll need to have mastered the following

Basic twist
Pinch twist
Lock twist
Dog balloon animal
260 balloons: Yellow, red, brown or gray works great for the monkey but you can use any color of your choosing. You can use any color for the second balloon to create the “pole.”

Starting the Monkey Balloon Animal

Inflate the balloon leaving about six inches of uninflated balloon at its end.Starting at the knotted end of the balloon, make a basic twist about an inch to an inch and a half in length. This forms the “nose” of the monkey.

Forming the Head

Immediately following the basic twist that you formed in the prior step, make a small pinch twist about an inch in length. You’re making the first “ear” of the monkey.

Make a basic twist next about an inch and a half in length. You’re making the monkey’s “forehead.” Make a small pinch twist to match the first one. This forms the second “ear.”

Finish the Head

Align the first basic balloon twist (marked “A” in the picture) against the rest of the remaining balloon (marked “B” in the picture), and then twirl (twist) the two pinch twists together. You’ll be holding and twisting the two pinch twists and the basic twist between them as a single unit.

The Monkey’s Head

This is what the monkey’s “head” should look like.

The Monkey’s Body

om here, you’re basically making the body of a dog balloon animal. Twist two basic balloon twists, each about two inches to form the monkey’s “arms.” Create a lock twist to hold the front legs together.

Finish the Monkey’s Body

Twist three more basic balloon twists, each about two inches. The first twist will form the monkey’s body. The second and third twists will form the monkey’s back legs. The remaining balloon segment will form the tail.Create a lock twist to hold the body and back legs together. You’re done with the twisting.

Finish the Monkey Balloon Animal

Inflate a second balloon to use as a pole. Slide the monkey onto the pole through its legs and arms.If you like, you can take a green balloon and twist it and add “leaves” to the pole to turn it into a “tree.” Another detail, you can use two small twists of another balloon, or employ round balloons only partially inflated to create “cocoanuts” that are attached to the tree and left dangling. I’ve even seen balloon artists partially inflate yellow balloons and hang them from the branches to create “bananas.”