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Travel Guide To The J. Paul Getty Museum.

I spent most of my life in California Southern, Central Coast and Northern. But for the most part, I lived in Southern California. One of So Cal’s top visitor attractions in Los Angeles is the J. Paul Getty Museum (Getty Center or The Getty). It is one of the top-ranked museums in the world. The J. Paul Getty Museum has two locations one in Brent wood area of LA (The Getty) and the other The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades/Malibu area.

If you’re looking for something more than hanging out at the beach, working on your suntan or checking out Hollywood, The Getty is the perfect place for you to visit. We love visiting some of our favourite places that we’ve been to hundreds of times or trying out fun, new things. The Getty is a must if you’re in Southern California. It’s an awesome place. If you have visited this LA treasure, you know what I mean. Here is an aerial view overlooking the huge grounds and buildings.


The proper name of this famous museum is The Getty Center- but if you’re from the area, you probably refer to it as The Getty. If you’re native to LA or driving by on a road trip, you’ve probably seen The Getty from the 405 as you’re stuck in traffic. It’s a stunning landmark, with a prominent location on the top of a large hill.

Let me set the scene for you. You park at the bottom of the hill on one of the many, many levels of underground parking. Parking is $15, but admission to The Getty is FREE, no reservations or tickets are required. After driving around trying to find the perfect spot (you’ll pay for parking after you’re done), it’s all worth it when you board the cable tram. The cable tram has a breathtaking view as you head up the steep hill to the museum. You’ll see the busy city all the way to the Pacific Ocean! It really is spectacular- and nice to not have to walk up that beastly hill!


This is what you see when you first walk into The Getty. I love the natural light that streams in through all the windows.
Don’t forget to look up! These giant skylights are awesome and make the entry room so bright and open.


This is one of my favorite ideas at the museum- a phone charging station! You lock your phone in the cubbies to get some charge when you’re low on juice. With this ingenious idea, you’re ready to take as many beautiful pictures during your visit as you want. And even better, it’s conveniently located right inside the museum entrance across from the coat check.


How about that gorgeous view! A great lookout point to see the whole city with he pacific in the background.


Now, onto one of my favourite parts of The Getty, the terrace gardens which is 134,000 sq ft.
Walking around the gardens outside was as fun as walking through The Getty and seeing all the beautiful art. The garden is certainly art too and water plays a major part.
All the foliage was so lush and exciting to look at! The streams and water features were very unique.

Wow, what a perfect picnic spot! You can bring your own lunch and enjoy a picnic at any of the public seating areas or on the lawn adjacent to the Central Garden. Picnic tables and lawns for lounging are located at the Lower Tram Station A picnic is a great idea for a family with kids that would love to run around and enjoy the beautiful weather! You can’t bring food inside the galleries (except baby bottles). So you might want to have your picnic first or leave the food in the car. It takes 5 minutes to get back down to the parking garage from The Getty.